My Adventure Abroad Commences in One Week

Here’s a secret: I’m an adventurer…and I’m getting ready for my next big adventure. I will be spending the spring 2013 semester in Nantes, France. I don’t know anyone in France and I’m not going with anyone from West Virginia University. I’ll be on my own adventure, studying at the Université de Nantes. I must confess that I am quite curious. How will I do on my placement exam? What will I be studying? Who will I meet? Will I be able to open a French bank account? How will I get my cell phone to work abroad? But I know that all questions can be answered with time and patience.

And you, dear reader, will join me on my quest of exploration. I’m sorry that I can’t bring all of you with me, but you can join me online. By reading this blog, you’ve become a part of my adventure and I’m so glad you’ve decided to come along!

I am leaving for Nantes, France on January 13, 2013, which is exactly in one week! However, my adventure started in second grade, when I learned my first French word, “Bonjour!” Since I am from Caribou, Maine (and because we are so close to Canada), French was a required class for all elementary students, much like music or art or gym. We learned through songs and games. I loved French class, but I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. French opened the world for me. I am now an English and French major at West Virginia University with a concentration in creative writing and a passion for languages.*

I’m so grateful for everyone who has helped me reach this point: my professors, teachers and mentors who have inspired the desire to explore and discover, my family members who are supportive, the Office of International Programs at WVU, ISEP, the French Consulate of Boston and, of course, my friends who love me enough to watch me depart on my travels and who will be waiting for me when I get back. Thank you.

I will be flying away in one week, with my long-awaited visa, my passport, my suitcases…oh my! My suitcases! I haven’t started packing. Hmm…what should I pack? That is one question I should answer in a timely matter!


*I recently took Latin 101 and loved it, hence why I found the motto of Nantes to be significant. The motto translates to: Neptune favors the traveler. Since I will be travelling to Nantes, I found it appropriate to title this blog, Neptune’s Favor.