Up, Off, Away!

My train leaves at eight in the morning tomorrow. I’ll be gone for two weeks…and you won’t hear from me in those two weeks! I won’t have access to a computer and I can’t call America on my cell phone. I will be in a technological black hole.

You may be wondering how I will update my blog for the next two weeks. Well, to be honest, I can’t. But, you may say, how are you going to fulfill the requirements for the Honors College of a daily/near daily journal? Fear not.

I have a separate journal that a dear friend gave me for my birthday. I’ve been writing in it since day one, but these thoughts are not meant to be shared with the online world. They’re just for me. I’ll be taking that journal with me on my journey. I’ll write my blog posts in there, but I’ll just have to wait to type them up until I come back. When I return, I promise to make up for the missing blog entries, which will include all of the amazing stuff I learned and, of course, photos!

I am sorry I will be out of contact for the next two weeks, but I’m up, off, away!


Side note: In class yesterday, we were examining an article for grammatical points. What was the article about? Pets in France. As an addition to my blog post “The Disappearance of François,” I would like to note that in 2010, France had 64 million inhabitants…which doesn’t include the 9 million cats and 8 million dogs also living in France! See, France does have lots of cats. Everywhere.