I’m Back!

After two weeks of no technology and no contact with the outside world, I have a computer once again. In two weeks, I travelled to Rennes, Paris, Strasbourg, and Lyon. I saw ancient Roman ruins, the Eiffel Tower, Germany, history museums, churches (so many churches), a Notre Dame in every city, Mont St. Michel…I’ve been to the catacombs in Paris and I’ve now seen four of France’s five major rivers. I made the most of every minute and left no stone unturned, no corner of any town undiscovered. I devoured whole cities – parks, museums, zoos, monuments. If it was there to see, I saw. I learned more about France than I ever thought possible and had the opportunity to use French in daily life.


In short, I had an amazing time.


I can’t wait to share everything I did with you, but it’s a lot. Trust me. So, please be patient. I have laundry and homework and everything else that I neglected during break. For this blog, I intend to write four blog posts, one for each city.


Before I get to writing, I would like to thank a few people. Kacy, my traveling companion, had to put up with me for two weeks. She was funny and light-hearted through the trip and it was an absolute pleasure to travel with her.


I would also like to thank two teachers at Caribou High School. They were my French teachers and they began to teach me about the history and culture of France. In elementary school, we sang songs and learned to love the language. But in ninth grade, I had Madame for a French teacher. From proverbs to art history to regional cuisine projects, we explored French language through culture. And, of course, we sang songs and videos. Speaking of videos and songs, here’s a video I made for her. Madame, thank you.

Mr. Fishman was my other French teacher in high school. He was integral in establishing a real connection with France. He visits France every now and then and he brings back the e-mails of French high school students. At random, I received the e-mail address of a girl name Julia. Since tenth grade, we wrote to each other. Sometimes in French, sometimes in English. For years, we’ve kept in touch and, finally, in Paris, we met for the first time. Thank you, Mr. Fishman, for giving me the opportunity to establish an international connection.

Me and Julia

Me and Julia


There are a million other teachers, mentors and individuals I need to thank, but I cannot possibly thank all of you. Words cannot properly express my gratitude. You have allowed me to be where I am today and I thank you. So, if you are reading this, thank you. Whether you taught me about France or if you taught me how to sing or if you showed me how to live a balanced life, I appreciate it.


More posts to come!