Musings about Pink Toilet Paper

I went to the store yesterday to buy the essentials: food and other life necessities. I went to the toilet paper section and began my hunt for the best bargain. I don’t like to waste money so I constantly compare prices to ensure the best deal. But that’s just the thing…time and time again, at different stores, pink toilet paper has been my cheapest option. Every time.

I don’t know why. First, I don’t know why pink toilet paper exists. They also have blue, green and yellow, which to me are more practical colors to go with a bathroom color scheme. I suppose that pink is a potential bathroom scheme, but then why would you exclude purple? I haven’t seen purple toilet paper yet. What if someone were looking for a lovely shade of purple to go with their violet hand towels? Secondly, what makes pink toilet paper cheaper than any other shade? You think it would be more expensive than plain white toilet paper (since it has to be dyed), but it isn’t. It is less expensive than regular, white toilet paper.

I can’t explain the pink toilet paper, but I’ll buy it if it saves me money. What will toilet paper companies think of next? Rainbow toilet paper to fit a rainbow color scheme?

Then, I went to get milk. Here’s something you might not know. Milk can be sold on the shelves. Yes, that’s right. On the shelves, like rice or cereal. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Here’s why. This milk (let’s call it Shelf Milk) is specially treated. It is exposed to extreme temperatures which kill all of the nasty germs and make it safe to drink, according to the French couple whom I cook with. Shelf Milk has to be refrigerated after it is opened, but it can stayed on a shelf, unsealed for many months. Here’s the real question though…do I trust Shelf Milk? Nope. Not at all. I buy refrigerated milk which is what I am more comfortable with. Eggs, for your knowledge, are also not refrigerated here.

Yes, the French grocery store is a special place. Now that I think of it, I should probably do a more in-depth article on the organization of a French grocery store. It’s not like Wal-Mart. In France, they have a butcher, a seafood section, a baker, a cheese section…it’s quite different! And they sell pink toilet paper…

Random last thought. You must have heard about the newly elected pope by now. If not, you live under a rock or have been kidnapped and stuck on the moon. In any case, the new pope is called Pope Francis in English. But in French? It’s Pape François. François, like the name of the cat whom I wrote about in my previous blog entries and who, recently, disappeared. Coincidence? Maybe. But, maybe, François is an animagus (for you non-Harry Potter fans, that’s a wizard or witch who can willingly transform his or her self into an animal) who pretended to be a cat, but then transformed to become the pope. Will we ever know? Will Pape François ever reveal his true identity as a cat? We may never know, but that’s why we should be nice to animals. Because they could become the pope.

Okay, well, my random ramblings are done for today. I assure you that I have not sustained any recent head injuries. I just felt like writing a random post. And, for the sake of my honor and reputation, I do not actually believe that François the cat is François the pope. I just thought it was a neat coincidence.