The Long Week Ahead

If you attended a university in America, there’s a good chance you’ve had a class that was cancelled. And if that class was cancelled? You spent the day catching up on homework, right? Okay, you may not have done homework, but you did something else with your time. You went to class the next day and life went on as usual.


Then, there’s life in France. I’ve had two classes cancelled recently…and I have two classes to make-up. My professors were both sick and had legitimate reasons for canceling class, but now we have to make-up the time we lost. In France, every moment of class time is precious. My professors do not let us out early, even if it’s five minutes. We work the entire class period and no moment of French learning is lost. Which is great, it really is. I’m glad that a serious tone is imposed in my classes. I’m a little leery about making up my classes though. Why?


One of them is on Friday morning and is with the same professor I have for my usual Friday class, which means that we spend like five non-stop hours discussing French grammar. One of them is on Saturday morning. Yes, Saturday morning. I will be going to class on Saturday to make-up one of the days my professor missed. Imagine if that happened in America. Imagine if every time you had a cancelled class, you had to make it up on a Saturday! Somehow, I don’t think students would be too happy. But, like I said, it ensures that we are really getting the exact number of hours we were promised. Every cent we pay is going to use.


This means that I will have an additional 4 ½ – 5 hours of class this week. I like school. I do. School makes me happy. But the idea of 4 ½ -5 hours extra this week? It’s a little daunting. When my literature professor missed class, he had us make it up by going to class an extra half-hour early for three weeks. I like the idea of spreading out the time over several weeks, but that won’t be possible. We don’t have much time left at all.


I have the rest of this week, next week, two weeks vacation, two weeks of class (with a ton of random holidays), then finals. Then, that’s it. I’m done. I’ll be heading back to the USA.


But, of course, I have to make it through this week…this very, very long week…