I Need a Vacation

I need a vacation. One of my professors described it this way…you’re in a foreign country. You’re speaking a foreign language, you’re listening to a foreign language…and it exhausts you. It’s so true. I find that a conversation that lasts four hours in French feels like a conversation that lasts eight hours in English. My brain is tired from all of this French thinking…and class! I have class tomorrow. I still can’t get over the fact that I have class on Saturday.


But wait. I do have a vacation coming up. My second two week vacation starts next Saturday, April 20th. I will be of contact with the world until May 5th. Where am I going? Well, during my last vacation I explored the north of France, so that leaves…the south! I’m headed to Toulouse, Nimes, Marseille, and Nice. I have several day trips planned too so I can explore even more of the region.


I am very excited to explore the south of France because there are many historical aspects to the region, including Roman ruins. I’ve also heard that the accent in the south of France is very different so I’m excited to hear it. Oh, and the beaches of course. I’m looking forward to sun…warm, nice sun.


But I should probably go. I’ve got lots of work to do until I can go on vacation.