Being Here

I talked to some of my friends at West Virginia University on Sunday. It was wonderful to see them, to hear their voices, to chat about the little things of life. Their finals are this week and then their semester is done. I met up with many of my friends here in France after my two week vacation. We talked about our vacations and about what little time we have left. A friend in Maine contacted me via Facebook. My grandmother in California e-mailed me.


It seems like I am always here, but never there. When I go there, then I am not here. It’s a constant, heart-wrenching reality. I can never be everywhere where I have someone who loves me, who misses me, who cares about me…and who I love, who I miss, who I care about. It makes me quite sad to think that I am never certain if our paths will cross again. What are the chances that after leaving France I will meet all of these wonderful people again? Sure, I might meet some of them, but all of them?


Life takes us in different directions. It leads us down country roads to a university made for mountaineers, it takes us away from the pine trees of a childhood hometown, it carries us across oceans to a country where, in a foreign tongue, you will never pronounce your name the same way twice…and it pulls us, tugs us into the future, stringing us along like Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline, when time itself is just a ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.


And here I am. There I am not. I can accept the fact that I am away from the ones I love…or I can realize one amazing fact. No matter where I go in the world, I will always be surrounded by people that are incredible, that care immensely about me…and who will, one day when life moves us along, be missed dearly.


I can only hope that the wind will, one day, push me into their presence again and I will miss them no more.