Things I Take, Things I Leave Behind

Due to a complicated checkout procedure at my dorm, I have to leave my dorm tomorrow morning and then take my airplane Friday morning. Since I’m leaving the dorm tomorrow, I have to pack. I probably won’t have internet until I return back to the United States so this might be my last post from France! I promise to write once I’m safely home. Until then, here’s a list of things I take and things I leave behind.


Things I Take:

-One giant uni-language dictionary

-A postcard from every city I visited

-One clown nose

-A journal stuffed full of admission tickets and scribbles made with colored pencils

-Lots of pictures, especially of churches

-Three Harry Potter books in French

-A student card from the Université de Nantes, proof that I studied at a foreign university for five months

-A Facebook filled with new friends from across the globe

-A student visa complete with my shiny OFII sticker saying that I was able to stay in France

-A wallet with significantly less euros than when I arrived

-Papers. For everything. I think I have an entire forest in my luggage.

-Confidence to live abroad…in a foreign language!

-Knowledge that I passed my exams (they posted the results early on the wall of our university)

-Memories that will live on in this blog, in my journal and in the minds of everyone who wants to remember


Things I Leave Behind:

-Friends. They don’t fit in my suitcase, unfortunately.

-A squeaky clean dorm room – believe me. It’s cleaner than when I got here.

-Autour du Monde, the international student organization which was absolutely amazing

-A heater that was turned off a while ago, even though it is still cold outside

-Two thin sheets that are no protection from the cold weather

-A dozen laundry soaps that the dorm gives us, unused and free to anyone who wants them

-Half a bottle of peach scented laundry detergent that I bought instead of the nasty soaps the dorm gave us

-English café on Tuesday nights

-One Ethernet cable because the dorm doesn’t have Wi-Fi

-Explanations of the great state of Maine, of West Virginia University, of the Honors College, of the USA and about the differences between caribous and moose

-My final exams, in all of their glory, will remain filed away in the IRRFLE office for infinity (they still have copies of exams from 1996)

-Jean-Claude, the tabby cat who lives in front of the university library, and François, the tabby cat who lived in my dorm, wherever he is living now

-French bureaucracy and the headaches associated with the bureaucracy

-The never-ending rain in Nantes (and the French people who say, “It isn’t usually like this. Normally, it’s very nice in France.” I’m convinced this is a lie they tell people to get them to visit France.)

-Quidditch practices on Wednesday nights

-Yummy food at the dining hall, especially the bread!


Well. I did my laundry this morning and I’m just waiting for my clothes to dry (they are hung out all over my room as usual because the dryer is awful here). I’ll pack my clothes, clean my room, lock the door and that’ll be that. I’ll take what I can back to the United States, tucked in my suitcase and in my heart. I’ll leave a little bit of me in France, a reminder that I was there once. If only for a brief moment of time.